Are you a Smart Eco Driver?

Techniques to improve your fuel economy & vehicle performance

Up to 35% Fuel Saving

Eco Driving reduces fuel consumption and can save upwards of 35% in fuel costs compared to regular driving.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Eco Driving creates fewer emissions from exhaust, reducing the effect on air quality and the environment.

Less Vehicle Maintenance

Eco Drivers reduce the wear and tear on brakes, tyres and motor, extending their life span and reducing replacement costs.

Healthier Drivers

Eco driving creates a less stressful environment for the driver resulting in a happier and healthier trip for them and their passengers.

What is a Smart Driver?

Smart drivers are professional and well informed on the requirements of being a fleet vehicle driver. The task of operating a vehicle has changed over the years. This includes not only operating the vehicle, but understanding new technology, different fleet vehicles and road conditions. The driver has to continually upgrade their knowledge and skills to ensure they are aware of councils fleet and operational policies.